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Solution of packaging

The different products and elements make different demands on packaging. We support and advise you in this sector and establish together with you an individual solution of packaging.

Cardboarding packaging

Cardbording packaging lent itself as a primary as well as a secundary packaging material. Dry products for packing can be packed in such recyclable cardboarding packagings. The consistence of the materials arrange for optimal printability with information and advertising.

Heat- seal

Heat- seald transperacy films serve as packaging of products with the advantage that they protect elements or components from pollution and moisture. Depending on the requirement, size of the package or order quantity, we use different machines e.g. bag sealer or hand- held welding torch.

Protective atmosphere

Perishable goods like for example food become long- living with the packaging in protective atmosphere and because of that, the ageing process gets retarded. Optimise your achievement potential in the supply chain and save for your customers an upper limit of quality. With us as competent partner in packaging and protective atmosphere.

Skin package

Welded on cardboard boxes, products like e.g. gaskets can be protected and packed optimal. The back of the boxes can be printed on with information about the product. We take this packaging procedur for you and are responsive to your individual specifications.


As professional service provider we label your products and packages. In this way, the information flow and the identification can be warranted. We focus on latest systems of identification at the labelling.

Quality assurance

The quality management of Deutsche Industriepartner focus in the sector of packaging solutions on high quality. We appreciate that only flawless packed products fulfill the quality requirements not only of your customers but also of our customers – you.