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It is the task of gaskets to limit or prohibit inadvertent material transmission completely. In many industrial sectors e.g. automotive engineering, manufacturing systems engineering, construction & sanitary or electronic the gaskets are applied. You can find your optimal solution for your requirements about gaskets, from surface coating to packaging with us.

Modification of surfaces

The automatic fitting of gaskets or the requirement about a reduction of friction or a wetted disturbance of silicon and lacquer liberty needs the processing or coating of the surface. This changes not only the consistence of the complete construction, but also it enhances the handling and lifetime.

More advanatges about coating:

  • Facilitation of montage
  • Resistance of rubbing are reduced
  • Enhanced lubricating properties
  • No effect of clinging
  • Reduction of break out

As a competent partner and service provider we offer you among other things the following methods for the modification of surfaces for gaskets:

  • RR-method
  • RP-method
  • Siliconization
  • Molybdenum
  • Talcum powderd

Skin package

Gaskets or whole gasket kits can be packed optimal with the method of skin package. Though, the gaskets are vacuum packed on boxes by deep- drawing of a plastic film.

Advantages of skin package:

  • Protection by vacuum
  • Package wich is ready to sell
  • Information on the box

Especially in the sector of appropriation of spare part skin packages are used. The boxes can be coordinated in different DIN- sizes (e.g. DIN A3, DIN A4 or DIN A5).

Assembly package

On the box, you can print on different information like for example technical designations and data or bills of materials and pictures. Sets of gaskets can derby be packed as spare part packets and therefore the completeness of the set can be checked at a glance.