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Post Production

The workflow of post production is a time- consuming and costly output with a high comprehension of human resources. As your professional outsourcing service provider we take this task dependably and flexible for you. In this process we focus on a just- in- time and exactly execution.

Burr removing

The production of mainly metallic components causes edges, frayings, corners or shivers because of the material displacement. With our wide assortment of bonnets of mill and our trained staff we burr with the established methods. Therefor there is no appearance of function- permitting maintenance of the elements and the risk of injury is minimized.


Hardening describes the surface treatment of components because of heat treatment. At this juncture, the wear resistance gets increased and the material gets a mechanical resistance. Among other things, the following methods of hardening are possible:

  • Vacuum hardening
  • Innert gas hardening
  • Carbonitriding


With the joining process soft- soldering and hard- soldering we connect simple but also complex components with low- melting basic material. Solderings are suitable for many metals like e.g. aluminium or nickelbased alloyings. We provide our attainment not only for single assembly groups, but also for the volume production.

Solderings are used among other things in the following sectors:

  • Elektronical elements
  • Vehicle components
  • Air and space flight
  • Goods

In our portfolio, we offer different methods of soldering in a manual and semi- automatic way.

Assembly work

With our expertise and service we mount after your specification and samples, not only small but also high volume. Because of the outsourcing of simple assembly operation, you can save resources.


With our etablishment and advanced process technology, we execute high- precision CNC milling work for you. No matter if small series, component parts or prototypes. Our CAD supported fabrication optimizes the fast cycle of time.

More advantages at a glance:

  • Optimal term
  • Cost savings
  • Fast delivery times

With the outsourcing of CNC- milling cutters to us, your competent industrial partner, you can go against erratic capacitiy utilisation.
Quality assurance

Our consequent system of quality management works also in our post production. With intern and extern certifications and our quality conscious staff, we save your and our requirements of quality. In this process we make no compromises. With our regular quality assurance and system of control, we save the highest operational standard of quality.