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Surface finish

The finishing of surface offers besides the decorative aspect of elements also a protective function of different environmental and wear influences. We can offer a wide spectrum of finishing methods in this sector, which is based on a longtime experience. We use this know-how to find an individual solution for your challenge. We put on fast cycle of time and offer you the additional benefit not only for single-item production, but also for volume production.


The use of different raw materials for the lacquering offers many applications. In addition to
1- and 2- component lacquer, the elements can also be finished with an eco- friendly water lacquer. Our different lacquer systems make for quality at it’s best and long- standing protection of the surfaces. We offer our services in lacquer for different elements and all size of series.

Powder- coating

Metals and aluminium can be finished eco- friendly with a powder- coating. In the process, the electro static coating powder is sprayed up on the element and after that it is baked with high temperature. The coating clings permanent and offers a long-time protection against chemicals and corrosion.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Eco- friendly method
  • Long- time bond
  • Percistence of corrosion
  • Free of bush and scratch
  • Free of solvent

A nearly recycling without trash is possible for the coating powder. Furthermore, in this process of coating the elements can be coated without drops.

Synthetic coating

The coating with synthetics is possible in different coat thickness. Tough, the diversity of use in the industrial sector is very high. After the process of coating the element is very consistent against weather and environmental conditions. The long- term protection involves also a consistency against output and electronical puncture.

Quality assurance

We comply our high requirements of quality with our professional quality management. Concerning our quality assurance, we focus on permanent controls which are supported by international well- tried measuring and control systems.

Effective inspections count to this among other things:

  • Adherence
  • Chemical- analytical
  • IR-spectroscopy